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  • Prompt Metered Oil Deliveries #2 & #4 Oil.
  • Personalized Individual Attention to Every Customer Needs.
  • Experts in Correcting NYC Dept. of Buildings/NYC Air Resources Boiler Violations.
  • Automatic Deliveries-Budget Plans-Fuel Pricing Programs.
  • Emergency Service.
  • Boiler Installations & Fuel Grade Changes
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Fuel Delivery & Boiler Services in Bronx, New York

Are you tired of calling oil companies and talking to someone in another state and sometimes another country? We are a family owned business and at Ambassador Fuel we treat our customers on an individual basis. When you call us you can feel confident that you will be treated individually and not a number.
Are you confused and disappointed that your current oil company has changed ownership more than once? If so, come join Ambassador Fuel’s Family. We have been serving The New York area of the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and lower Westchester delivering high quality home heating oil and burner service to residential and commercial properties since 1935.
Are you tired of ordering oil and not getting what you ordered? With oil being so costly, it is important that you receive what you ordered. Our delivery trucks are metered and tested by the Department of Consumer Affairs and an innovative device to monitor the deliveries are installed in our delivery trucks for accuracy.
Are you tired of calling for oil and not getting a delivery till a couple of days later because your oil company is so large that they can not handle the orders in the frigid cold weather? We are not too small and not too large to handle your order promptly with our radio dispatched trucks. We often anticipate any storm and cold weather and prepare ahead to ensure all our customers are attended to on a timely basis. We are just the right size for our customers.
Are you tired of calling for burner service and no one showing up or not being able to fix the problem? Our company has been around since 1935 and has seen and worked on numerous boiler systems, new, old and ancient. We have union trained technicians and expert troubleshooters to handle the most challenging oil burner issues. Our philosophy is not to be a parts changer, but rather a problem solver. Since we only service our oil customers, we are able to service you promptly. We are known through the industry and various city agencies for our impeccable boiler installations.
Get ready to receive the highest quality products and services with competitive prices.
You won’t be disappointed!

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Experts in Correcting NYC Department of Buildings & Air Resources Boiler Violations | Automatic Deliveries, Budget Plans, & Fuel Pricing Programs
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